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10 Most Commonly Stolen Dog Breeds

10 Most Commonly Stolen Dog Breeds

You decide to run a few errands with your puppy in town on a cool day. Checking in to your favorite restaurant, you opt to leave your puppy at the car park, only to come back and find that he is gone! Could he have been stolen? Is he one of the most stolen breeds?

Or maybe it is that sunny morning and you decide to have your puppy take some fresh air as he plays in the yard. You get into the house to complete some unfinished business and by the time you check on him; he is nowhere to be seen.

Or maybe it is that sunny morning and you decide to have your puppy take some fresh air as he plays in the yard. You get into the house to work on some unfinished business. And by the time you check on your puppy, he is nowhere to be seen. Gone. Vanished.

“Where could he be?” “Could it be another case of dog theft?” Quite traumatizing!

Well, dog theft has been on the rise in the recent past. The American Kennel Club estimates dognappers steal around 2 million dogs each year. Dognappers have improvised ways of getting away with your dogs; small and large ones alike.

So why do they steal? Which breeds are most vulnerable to theft? And what can you do to protect your dog from getting into the hands of these criminals?

Read on.

First We'll look at why thieves steal your dog.

Why are Dogs Stolen?

There are many reasons dognappers steal our loyal companions, but money remains the major driving force.

In most cases, the criminals target purebred dogs such as Pomeranian and ‘designer breeds’ such as Labradoodle. These two types of breeds fetch thousands of dollars in the black market, as the criminals sell them to unsuspecting buyers.

 Second, dognappers will steal dogs to use them as bait dogs in illegal dogfighting and training. Here, the dognappers prefer large-sized dogs as bait dogs.

The German shepherd, bulldogs and American Pitbull perfectly fit the bill ‘bait’ dogs.

Also, a guy could run off with your dog to sell him to veterinary and research institutions for laboratory testing and biomedical experimentation.

Last but not least, dognappers steal some dogs for use as breeding dogs. Once they produce puppies, the little ones are flipped to the market. Alternatively, thieves sell them off to illegal puppy mills at a great value.

Here is a list of 10 dog breeds that most vulnerable to dognapping.

Which are the 10 Most Popular Stolen Dog Breeds?

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier remains the most popular breed in the USA and consequently the dog breed most targeted by criminals.

Most dog parents love the sweet and adorable nature of the Yorkshire breed. You will certainly fall in love with its inquisitive and lively personality. In addition, they are sharp both mentally and physically.

Owing to this perfect mix of qualities, any pet owner would part with a lump sum amount of money just to have this little companion. Dognappers sell Yorkshire Terrier dogs for as much as $2500.

What’s more, their small physique increases their risk of theft because dognappers can easily snatch and hide them away.

 2. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier belongs to the top family dog breed and one of the most popular breeds in America because of its outstanding features.

I love the social nature of Boston dogs; they love people, lots of attention, love to please, and get friendly with anyone around them. Folks consider Boston Terrier as the perfect companions for senior citizens.

Other exceptional traits of this dog include calmness, great intelligence, and playful nature.

With these prominent traits coupled with his small physique, the terriers are an easy target for dognappers. Thieves resell the Boston Terrier for up to $2000.

3. French Bull dog

The American Kennel Club ranks the French bulldog as the third most stolen dog breed in the USA. You may ask, why is it so susceptible to theft?

Well, the French bulldog possesses most of the traits of the Boston Terrier breed: friendly to people and other pets, calm, playful, and small.

In addition, the French bulldog is quite entertaining and comical and you will absolutely love being around this breed.

 He is also one of the most popular dog breeds, highly valued, and arguably one of the most sought-after breeds in the market. Dognappers resell this dog for up to $4000. Quite pricey, right!

4. American Pit Bull

While most dog thieves target small, portable dog breeds for resale, others target large dog breeds for illegal dogfighting and baiting. The latter is true for the American Pitbull breed.

Rated as one of the most popular breeds for dogfighting, this crossbreed dog is loving and loyal to those around him.

 Dog nappers can resell the pit bull breed for as much as $2000, depending on the color and pedigree.

5. Chihuahua

How I love this tiny loyal breed looks like. They are among the most popular and one of the smallest dog breeds, making them an easy target for dog thieves.

Just like other popular dog breeds, Chihuahuas rank at the listings of the most stolen breeds in the market. Some traits that present them as targets for dognappers include their size (anyone can snatch away and easily hide them) even in the middle of the city.

Note that chihuahuas have variable traits. You will find one as bold or timid; full of life or calm; and pleasing or strong-willed, etc.

Being a darling to most dog owners, Chihuahuas are on-demand and dognappers could fetch up to $2500 when they resell.

6. German Shepherd

German shepherd ranks as the most popular dog breed in the market. Dog lovers attribute his popularity to their incredible traits. He is one of the most intelligent, devoted, and hardworking dog breeds in the world.

Owing to these traits, German shepherds find their way as the assistant guides for the handicapped, police, and military service. Also, they get involved in search and rescue missions, drug detection, hunting, among other noble tasks.

Just like the Pit bulls, stealing a German shepherd dog is not a simple task because of its gigantic size. However, a dognapper looking for a bait or fighting dog will do anything to get away with this breed.

What’s more, a pure-bred German shepherd commands top dollar.

However, adult German shepherds are often skeptical about strangers, so they are difficult to steal. Hence you find dognappers will often target the puppies.

7. Maltese

My favorite dog breed of all times, Maltese is a small, popular, and valuable breed. This adorable breed appears as a white fluffy dog.

His tiny size and friendly nature make it an easy target for dognappers as they are easily portable.

Maltese dog breeds are playful beings, intelligent, and love to explore the world around them. You will also find others as outgoing, confident, cautious, etc.

A dog thief reselling a Maltese could pocket up to $2500.

8. Labrador Retriever

Labrador is arguably the most popular and on-demand dog breed in the market.

While dog thieves steal some dog breeds for illegal baiting, dog fighting, hunting, etc, the Labrador Retriever captures the attention of dognappers, particularly for its value in the market.

A potential buyer of such a breed would willingly part with as much as $2000 to have him.

Despite being a large dog, Labrador remains susceptible to theft due to its open and friendly personality. Hence, dog thieves can easily lure them for resell in the black market.

While some Labrador dogs love to relax and get pampered, others go an extra mile to serve their “bosses” diligently.

9. Pomeranian

The cute and adorable Pomeranian is a popular dog breed that is highly in demand due to its limited numbers. The high demand means with a purebred Pomeranian, unsuspecting dog buyers could part with up to $3500 when purchasing this dog in the black market.

Pomeranian breeds are small-sized, portable and friendly animals that are easy to please. Therefore, giving potential criminals ample time to lure them and promptly whisk them away.

 Other amazing traits of this fashionable breed that makes it a darling to anyone include inquisitive, bold and commanding.

 10. Labradoodle

Most of these criminals would prefer to go for a pure bred dog as opposed to mixed bred dogs.

However, when it comes to what they term ‘designer’ breeds, these criminals would not have a second thought. This is mainly because trendy dog breeds attract the highest value when they flip them on the black market.

As such, the Labradoodle attracts up to $2000 when resold.

 Dog nappers have ample time getting away with this breed because of his personal and friendly nature. With just a small treat of a piece of steak, a stranger will have this breed by himself.

How to prevent dog theft

As a dog lover, you would not want to imagine the horrible torture that your dog will go through if stolen by criminals. To protect him from such trauma, here are some of the preventive measures against dog theft.

  • As much as possible, keep your dog indoors whenever you are away.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in the yard, in your car, or chained at the store while you shop.
  • Get your dog microchipped either in the veterinary center or at the animal shelter.
  • Gain proof of dog ownership documents from relevant authorities in your area. They include veterinary records, adoption papers, license documents, etc.
  • Keep your dog’s collars and ID tags up to date with your current contact details.
  • Neuter or spay your dog to reduce his desire of roaming around as well as lower the chances of being used in laboratories for experimental purposes.
  • Feed your dog always to prevent him from taking food bait. Equipments such as a treat dispenser keep dogs occupied and well fed around the clock.

My Final Thoughts

Losing your pet dog through theft can be a traumatic experience. You could even blame yourself for the loss. So knowing the dog breeds that are most likely to be stolen could help you enhance your dog security. Also, be on the lookout for suspicious people trying to be friendly to your dog.

But sometimes the dreaded happens, and your dog gets stolen. If that happens, you can take some quick measures to get your dog back

Has someone ever stolen your dog? What did you feel? What did you do? Share your experience in the comments box below. You could help a fellow dog parent.

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