Best Chew Proof Dog Beds Reviews 2020

Best Chew Proof Dog Beds Reviews 2020

Dog beds come in all shapes and qualities from multiple brands. We, therefore, did the leg work for you to recommend the best chew proof dog beds for your canine buddy. Our recommendations are purely out of research and independent.

In this article, we highlight the editors’ best pick from every brand based on a myriad of considerations which include the quality versus price, brand reputation, customer care, customer reviews, and many other factors.

K9 Ballistics Brand Top Pick

Tough Crate Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics is a reputable manufacturer of pet products. We chose the Tough Crate Pad from K9 Ballistics as their most recommendable DIY chew proof dog bed.

This dog bed is well worth its price which has never surpassed the $100 mark. The bed is tough and suited for active pets that always want to scratch, dig, or even chew everything around them.

The bed is chew-proof, indestructible, waterproof, dirt, and hair resistant, and could, therefore, serve your hairy friend for ages before one considers replacing.

When dirty, feel free to wash it (machine wash safe too) since it will retain its quality, unlike other dog bed options that can't be washed. All dog sizes are also catered for since the bed comes with different sizes. Consider the measurements against the size of your dog before ordering. It also comes in various colors including black, red, green and tan.

The product is covered by chew a chew proof guarantee within 90 days of purchase. Amazon also offers a free replacement within the guarantee period or a 50% refund once the customer sends photos as proof of the damage.

The Midwest Pets Co. Top Pick

Bolstered Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is an affordable dog bed that offers state of the art comfort. Orthopedic dog beds help prevent unforeseen as well as support deformed and correctible conditions in your pet's muscles and bones.

The product offers an option to three colors; tan, light blue, and sage. They also come in two sizes 36by54 inches and 30by40 inches. The raised sides offer support for the head which prevents straining.

The dog bed is covered by a washable chew proof dog bed cover. The cover runs all-round the bed covering the foam padding even on the floor.

The comfort of the bed encourages your hairy friend to get enough sleep instead of loitering around the house all night.

The Coolaroo Brand Top Pick

Elevated Dog Bed

We must admit that a raised dog bed is a brilliant idea for the outdoors. The elevation keeps your pet out of reach for mites and fleas in addition to the bed being resistant to these pests.

The bed is easy and user-friendly for installation which makes it among the best DIY chew proof dog bed.

The materials used to manufacture the elevated dog bed are lead-free. Lead is a toxic metal that is poisonous to both pets and humans.

The elevated dog bed is also easy to clean assuring a constantly comfortable bed for your furry buddy. It also comes with a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

The Coolaroo brand customer service has also been lauded to be effective and cooperative. Customers like to be heard and shown concern which is what the majority of customers have experienced according to feedbacks all over the internet.

Furhaven Brand Top Pick

Orthopedic Chew Proof Dog Bed

This dog bed comes with a removable chew proof dog bed cover. The removable cover helps in maintaining cleanliness and comfort for your furry friend.

The raised sides help support the head for comfort hence encouraging restful sleeping for your pet. The price is friendly compared to the quality and comfort offered in the product.

The bed is available in many colors and styles and can be used by both cats and dogs. However, pets with excessive teething tendencies will destroy the product in no time hence not recommended to such pets.

Arthritic pets will find this orthopedic bed comfortable and restful. The soft foam will support the weakly joints and other pressure points helping the pet even recover faster.

The product is a pet’s sofa bed to relax and even sleep into deep slumber effortlessly.



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