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Best Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

Best Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

Just like any other family member, dogs too need to feel at home. Cultivating a bond with your furry baby helps alleviate many eventualities such as stress and aggression.

Dog cameras, on the other hand, help achieve the maintenance of a relationship between you and your four-legged friend. These cameras have a myriad of features with a variety of functionalities that help in many ways.

Cameras Help

As much as we love our pets, it’s not possible to be by their side all the time. Cameras, therefore, bridges that gap since you can now see your pet wherever you are with the assurance that they are doing ok.

Dog cameras have evolved hence becoming better and more efficient in maintaining surveillance over your pet. From merely recording events to view later, cameras now allow pet parents to observe their pets in real-time as well as serve them treats while miles away. Below, we check out outstanding features that pet parents should look out for when choosing a dog or cat camera for their pet.

Features that stand out in modern dog cameras include;

  1. Dog cameras that shoot out treats

Just like humans, dogs can get distressed if the environment doesn’t consider them. Yes, Dogs too can get distressed if left alone or kept long without food. Unlike humans who can understand that their parents are running errands or at work, dogs can be treated better using a camera. A camera that can throw treats at your dog makes the dog so comfortable at home even when the pet parents are away.

A dog camera with a treat thrower/launcher keeps the dog concentration glued around which means they would rarely think of wandering off. Throwing a treat now and then also helps bring your pet into the camera's focus which cements your assurance that they are around and safe.

  1. Two-way audio and video

Communication is two-way traffic, for it to be complete there should be feedback. In the same sense, two-way communication with a dog camera helps the complete the cycle. Two-way audio and video mean that you can see and listen to the environment around your dog, while your dog can also hear and see you.

This strengthens the bond between the pet parent and their dog. Despite there being the distance between you and your fluffy mate, you can still see and hear from each other which wouldn't have been possible if there was no two-way audio and video feature.

  1. Dog cameras made in the USA

Having a camera made in your country gives assurance that in case of any technical hitches you are sorted fast and swiftly by the product warranty and customer after-sales service. Again, dog cameras made in the USA are known to be of top-notch quality.

  1. Dog cameras without subscription

The majority of dog cameras in the market require subscriptions to certain services from the manufacturing company while others do not require any subscriptions to work.

Benefits of subscribing to the manufacturers’ services include features and software updates hence keeping your device up to date. However, most of these cameras still operate without subscription with their original features such as treat-tossing, live viewing, and barking alerts still fully functional.

  1. All-weather dog cameras

Dog cameras are required to survey your pet’s activity throughout the time you are away or engaged in some other errands. Therefore, it would require cameras that can survive both indoors and outdoors. Dogs are also playful naturally and would most of the time be outdoor playing.

Outdoor cameras, therefore, help monitor your four-legged friend wherever they are every time. These cameras should then be water-resistant and made of tough material that can withstand scorching sunlight. Camera owners are also advised to place the cameras strategically with minimal interference with the weather.

  1. Dog cameras that connect to iPhone and Android

The user interface of a dog camera with the pet parent could be a phone application or a website. Phone apps are the most popular and widely used all over the planet.

The dog camera should have an app that is compatible with both iPhone and android which are the most popular operating systems. Websites are accessible from any device but are not popular with many companies for the user interface.

  1. Dog cameras that can move around

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, technology has advanced such that there are dog cameras that can move hence following your dog’s every move.

Cameras that can move have changed the reliance on camera focus range since it can turn in any direction. This feature has revolutionized pet surveillance with the camera doing much more like a real nanny.

  1. Dog cameras with a barking alert

A barking alert helps notify the pet parent whenever your dog barks. Dogs bark for different reasons and any pet parent who is close with their dog knows instances in which their dog would bark.

Dogs are naturally bled for security and human companionship. Thus, most dogs would bark whenever they sense danger or when they see strangers. This bark alert feature, therefore, helps understand the wellbeing of your pet as well as notify you whenever something goes amiss at home.

  1. Dog cameras that work with 5g, 4g, and 3g

The connectivity between the dog camera and your phone requires the internet so that you can access these services from anywhere around the world. The internet provider, on the other hand, could use 5g, 4g, or 3g connection speeds. 5g is essentially much faster than 4g and so is 4g compared to 3g. Having a camera that is compatible with all of them is beneficial since you will not have connectivity issues.

  1. Wireless Charging Dog cameras

Dog cameras that charge wirelessly are outstanding since they do not easily run out of power. This is powerful since, if the pet parent is away from home, there are no worries of being disconnected. Again, dogs are playful and will often chew and destroy any cables lying around thus wireless charging helps alleviate all these complications. Certain combinations of features would be very ideal for a dog camera but it would turn out to be expensive and out of reach for many pet enthusiasts. For instance, a camera that charges wirelessly can move and has a large capacity to store dog food could be an awesome combination.

9 Best dog cameras with treat dispenser

No. 9: Dogness Dog Camera

This camera has awesome features that enable two-way communication with your pooch. Outstanding features on this camera include two-way audio, night vision, treat dispenser, and high definition video output.

The camera helps keep your pooch active by remotely launching treats for your dog now and then. There are both iPhone and Android apps compatible with the camera hence enabling almost everyone access.

This camera has two-way audio interaction which enables you to hear what’s happening in the environment at home. This goes a long way in enabling pet parents to know if anything goes wrong at home for instance If you notice continuous barking. You can also calm your dog down by talking to them via the audio feature.

The HD camera goes a long way in showing you events unfolding at home. The video helps you access the live feed from your home which helps alleviate any foreseeable events. The video recorder also covers a wide-angle not to miss anything in the surroundings.

Night vision feature uses infrared rays to see even when there is no adequate light such as at night. Night vision helps one monitor the surroundings when away overnight or when you are late to get home in the evening.

The camera is also easy to install and use. The installation process has only 3 steps and is user-friendly. The manufacturer also offers a one year warranty in case of any eventualities.

The only disadvantage is that the camera does not offer two-way video interaction thus your dog can only hear you not see you.

8. Skymee 8L Pet Camera

The most notable features about this camera include food dispenser, full HD video, night vision, two-way audio, and both iPhone/android apps.

Unlike other cameras with treats launching ability, this one can feed full meals to your dog or cat. The meals can also be customized to schedule according to the size and breed of your pet. Larger pets should eat more than smaller ones to get satisfied. The feed scheduling can also come in handy for pet parents who need healthy feeding and weight control for their pets.

The camera has a full high definition video (1080p) for clear monitoring which also comes with a night vision ability camera for surveillance both day and night.

The camera has a two-way audio ability that helps to talk to and listening to your home's environment. The audio also helps in talking to your pooch whenever you sense they are anxious or naughty.

In this digital era, social media is a sensation that is here to stay. This camera enables live sharing of videos and funny moments on Facebook with an online ability of 8 users at a go.

The camera also alerts you on food running low and also senses motions around the environment.

The downsides we have noted in this camera are that it has no two-way video interactions and it can only use 2.4G wifi.

7. Pawbo Life pet camera

This camera can be used for both dogs and cats. The most notable features include HD video, two-way audio, laser game, and treat launcher.

We quickly note that this camera’s video is 720p HD which is good enough but lower than most cameras which range at 1080p HD. The camera also has a wide-angle of 130 degrees, a 4 times digital zoom, and also can capture and record any event when prompted from the phone app.

The two-way audio helps in both ways communication as you can listen and also talk to your pet anytime. The treat launcher also enables you to reward your pet whenever they act with discipline which is a way of instilling good behavior on pets.

The camera also enables the sharing of snapshots and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter instantly. This ensures that memorable moments are shared with friends and family while also keeping them safe for a long time. The camera also can allow 8 users online per camera while one app can also control multiple cameras.

The installation process is easy and user friendly and the support team is always ready to help at their website. The camera also supports both iOS and Android operating systems.

The downside we noted is that the camera does not have two-way communication which is common with cameras around this price.

6. Petcube Play 2 pet camera

The most notable features of this camera are; laser toy, Alexa built-in, 1080P HD, night vision, motion/sound sensors, two-way audio, and 160 degrees wide angle.

The full HD video helps with clear monitoring with a night vision enabled camera which ensures round the clock visibility. The camera can digitally zoom up to 4 times assuring long distance focus. The sound and motion sensors also enable more vigilant monitoring.

The installation and setup are fast and flawless. It takes less than two minutes to install and use the camera. The camera can also support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections. The camera also supports IOS 11 and Android 7 and later versions for both operating systems.

The two-way audio enables you to listen to the camera's environment and also talk to your pet remotely. The camera boasts of high-quality sound both ways due to installed 4-mic array and improved soundbars.

The laser feature also enables you to play with your pet when around and even when away. The laser can be controlled from your phone’s app or set to automatic.

The built-in Alexa functionality helps to play music, order treats, control other smart home devices and more.

Customer support is always on standby to cater to your concerns. Under normal use, the manufacturer gives a one year warranty.

The downside is that the camera’s price is a bit high with no two-way video capability.

5. Petcube Bites Pet Camera

This smart camera enables automatic scheduling of treats which keeps your pet active and well catered for. The feeding can be done remotely via the pet cube app with the device compatible with a variety of crunchy and dry treats. The device can be loaded with up to 2 pounds of dog and cat treats.

The video output is full HD 1080p and 138 degrees wide focus. The camera has night vision capability to monitor your pet both day and night. The camera can also zoom 3 times digitally to get a better view. The device also has motion and sound sensors to alert you on any experiences.

The camera has two-way audio for you to speak and listen to your pet’s environment. The manufacturer also offers free cloud storage for videos which enables easy retrieval and monitoring. They're also optional subscriptions to enjoy more benefits from petcube.

The apps are compatible with IOS 10 and higher, Android 5 and higher. The camera is compatible with Alexa and uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections.

The downside noted is that the price is a bit high for those under budget and it has no two-way video chat.

4. Furbo Dog Camera

This camera has an outstanding look. The video output is full HD 1080p with night vision to monitor your furry friend around the clock.

It also has two-way audio to talk and listen to the environment the camera is placed. The barking sensor detects and sends push notifications to your phone where you can easily calm the pet down via the audio interaction.

The apps on android and IOS are instrumental in ensuring that you can dispense treats for your furry friend anytime even remotely. The device is easy to install and use via your home Wi-Fi.

3. Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera

This device is outstanding in that it can charge wirelessly which means that it doesn’t easily run out of power. it has all basic features such as full HD camera, 4 times digital zoom, and night vision. The price of this camera is fairer than other cameras in its ranking.

The camera's scope of focus is 180 degrees which is higher than the majority of other cameras. The treat dispenser can also be used to play games to catch the treats even remotely.

The audio is two-way meaning that you can converse with your furry friend anytime. You can, therefore, talk to your dog or even calm him down when he becomes anxious or infuriated.

The camera is Alexa compatible and can record videos automatically when a TF card is inserted. The technical support is always standby to help with any arising issues via the apps.

2. Petchatz HDX pet camera

This camera is another winner due to many reasons. The camera’s most profound feature is that unlike many other camera’s it has two-way video as well as audio interaction. It also has all basic features such as treat-tossing, night vision, motion/sound sensing, HD video, 4 times zoom, two-way voice, among others.

Two-way video interaction with your pet helps in many ways including easing anxiety or even training them on good behavior. The camera is designed for both cats and dogs.

The price of the camera is an outlier compared to the others but it’s worth it. It gives value for the money spent.

Petchatz pet care company operates a daycare for your pet when it’s left alone. The device can be safely mounted on the wall to leave to cords to chew for the pet which is dangerous for them. The camera also has unique calming aromatherapy which helps calm an anxious pet remotely.

The camera can also come with pawcall which is a synchronized device that your pet can call you with. You can also subscribe to Dogtv for your dog’s entertainment all day.

1. Skymee Owl Robot

Our editors picked this camera as the winner because it can move with robotic abilities which comes with lots of capabilities. The camera is also cheaper than its peers and has all the basic features.

This camera uses infrared rays to track and notice your pet thus increases interaction. The mobility enables it to even play around with your pet games such as hide and seek to make your pet active. The camera can also leave a trail of treats to lure your pet into the house or to safety.

The camera has all basic camera features such as treat dispensing, night vision, HD video, 4 times zoom, two-way voice, among others. It also has a long battery life for up to 8 hours.

The downside is that it only supports 2.4 GHz WI-Fi and not compatible with 5G WI-Fi.



Cameras with treat dispensers are many from different manufacturing companies but they have varying capabilities. Price is a factor to consider when choosing the best camera that suits your needs but it should not be a barrier to your choice. For instance, the most expensive camera doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best there is. There could be a better device at a lower price.

The clear winner stood out due to its capabilities but it is not the most expensive product in the market. No. 2 and No. 1 in the above list have a price difference of close to $100 with No. 1 being the cheaper one but our editors went for it as a winner due to reviews and feedbacks witnessed from several customers who compared the above cameras.

The above order is made out of our editors’ discretion without any influence or favor. We review products based on several factors including customers' feedback and conspicuous features based on their relevance on satisfying the clients' needs.

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