Can I Change Cat Litter While Pregnant?

Yes, you can clean the cat’s litter box and change the litter when you’re pregnant. However, do this chore carefully because you’ll risk being infected by toxoplasmosis, which you could also pass to your unborn child. The toxoplasma parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, is transmitted through cat feces in the kitty litter or in the soil outside your house where infected cats […]

Types Of Cat Litter: Pros and Cons

Cats are among the cleanest and most hygienic pets you will ever have. They have refined toilet etiquette. It’s rare to find a cat’s poop splashed around your house or the compound because they prefer to bury their waste. Remarkable, isn’t it?Well, I don’t know about yours, but my room doesn’t have loose soil where the cat can perform her digestive […]

Best High Calorie Wet Cat Food Reviews

If you have a skinny cat that wants to add weight, a senior cat, or a cat with a mouth injury, finding the right high calorie cat food can be critical to ensuring your fur friend gets enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.The Issue with High-Calorie FoodsBefore we get into the ratings, it’s important to remember that what counts […]

Cat Litter That Does Not Track Reviews

Cat litter isn’t just a fun factor; it’s also an important part of cat care. They can, however, be messy, requiring cat owners to clean constantly. This is very inconvenient for pet owners. Pet owners should consider using a non-tracking cat litter. Using a cat litter that does not track increases your cat’s health and reduces mess, saving you time cleaning. Cat […]

Litter Box For Arthritic Cat

If your cat starts being gloomy and less active, they might be ill. She might also start moving slowly due to inflammation and joint pains. If she is having these difficulties then she might be suffering from arthritis. She, therefore, needs a litter box that’s suited for them in that condition. One that they can access easily without strain. We will […]

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