Litter Box For Arthritic Cat

If your cat starts being gloomy and less active, they might be ill. She might also start moving slowly due to inflammation and joint pains. If she is having these difficulties then she might be suffering from arthritis. She, therefore, needs a litter box that’s suited for them in that condition. One that they can access easily without strain. We will […]

How To Discipline A Cat

Pets can be a sweet company until they get to your nerves the wrong way. Your cat may decide to pee or poop at every wrong place in the house including the couch, carpet while you have provided necessities for the same at their convenience. If your cat messes this way, its time you disciplined him before he disgraces you […]

How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Digest Food?

All you’re doing is right. You feed your pet high-quality cat food, visit the vet once a year for a check-up, and keep them away from human food leftovers. However, you get concerned that your cat does not join you for lunch, and you discover that some of your friends only feed their cats once a day. Yeah, cats sleep […]

What To Do With A Dead Cat At Home

Wondering what to do with a dead cat at home? We care about your pet as much as you do. We perused through every important detail about the best care for your pet and did a short write-up below to give you sound advice.That fluffy and hairy friend needs to feel at home as much as every other member of […]

American Journey Cat Food Review

Everyone needs to understand if their feline takes good food. We at scale heights to give you this report of what Americans rated this brand. Buckle up for the American journey cat food Review.On Chewy, 1523 reviewers rated one of their dry foods 4.5 stars. 79% of them rated the food 5 stars making the largest chunk. 9% (4 […]

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