Can Cats Eat Apples? Do They Poison Them?

An apple each day has always been known to keep the doctor away. Apples are crammed with nutrients and health benefits for humans, like antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber.Apples may help reduce the danger of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and a heart condition.So they’re great for us, but what about our cats? We always want to be sure we’re giving our […]

Cat Gagging At Food

If your cat is gagging at food, you have all the reasons to get concerned. It might be a medical condition, or they could be showing signs of displeasure. Cats are the most sensitive members of our families and could gag at the slightest gross by even the smell of food. We encourage you to know your cat better, thus understanding […]

How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Water?

Just like any other living organism, pets regularly require fresh drinking water. A constant supply of clean drinking water helps your cat grow healthy and well hydrated. So jthen, how often should I change my cat’s water? Let’s dive right in to get an insight.You shouldn’t be much worried about the amount of water your cat takes or whether they […]

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

Like humans, cats need care, especially in their old age. Senior cats are likely to have few or no teeth at all. And that comes naturally as they age. Toothless cats need special diets because they have difficulty chewing their food. A cat with difficulty chewing will chow less food, thus cannot get the required nutrients for a healthy body. […]

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