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Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out [Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes] Reviews

Cat Litter Box To Keep Dogs Out [Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes] Reviews

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Cat Litter Box to Keep Dogs out [Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes] Reviews

Is your dog sneaking into the cat’s litter box to eat poop? We have a solution for you. There are cat litter boxes made specifically to keep dogs out. 

If you are both a cat and dog lover, this issue will definitely hit you. Good news is that there is a solution.

Litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes, however, you need to find the one that fits your situation. For instance, there are litter boxes meant for cats that dogs can’t easily access.

Since you need a cat’s litter box that your puppy won’t access, we scaled the market for you so that you don’t have to. We reviewed hundreds of products in today’s wide market.

Finally, we narrowed down to the top 5 cat litter boxes based on their price, features, durability, and many other considerations.

Comparison Chart

Product Name


Best Budget


Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper

Best Value

ScoopFree Original Automatic Cat Litter Box

Ultimate Vlue

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic

Door Buddy Door Latch plus Door Stopper

Door Buddy products are innovative and budget friendly. For instance, the door latch and door stopper is an alternative to dog gates and cat doors which are a bit pricier.

This product wins our budget pick after proving to us that it can solve the dog accessing your cat’s litter box problem and yet have a down to earth price.

Some pet parents will choose to alter the litter box by cutting out a permanent hole that fits your cat and not the dog. Others will opt to buy a dog gate with a cat door. We aren’t disapproving these options but we actually think that they seem like that guy who burns his house down to kill a rat that had been a nuisance.

The door latch and stopper will be mounted on the litter door where the litter box and cat food is to keep off your puppy while giving easy access to your feline friend. It has an adjustable door stop and door strap.

The door strap controls the amount of space the door should open while the door stopper will prevent your pet from accidentally locking themselves in a room or in the litter box.

This door latch and stopper is unrivalled by any dog gates or cat doors in the market today. It is easy to install. Just peel and stick the gadget on your door while adjusting it to the right size. The best adjusted size is one that your cat will easily pass while your dog can’t. The strong 3M adhesive used is durable and won’t make it fall any time soon.

The easy lock and unlock latch will also allow you and other humans also get easy access. By using this door latch and stopper you end the routine quarrel between your pup and kitten over the litter box as well as the feeding stations.


  • No tools required for assembly
  • Guards against pinching of tails and paws
  • Affordable than its alternatives e,g, cat doors and dog gates


  • Can’t be used for puppies smaller than cats (nor similar in size)

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Dogs aren’t the best climbers. Cats on the other hand can scale almost any surface.

This makes the top entry litter box dog proof especially for the small dogs that can’t climb. It’s also advisable to keep it on a high surface like a table where your cat will comfortably access but the puppies won’t.

This litter box also prevents litter spillage for your sparkling clean floors. No matter how hard your cat scratches the litter, the high walls will keep it inside.

The litter box is also spacious inside to allow your feline turn around as she pleases or even sleep. Cats will turn and turn until they achieve their comfort position to relieve themselves.

The top is wide enough to allow easy access for your feline. She can move in and out without any hustle.

When stepping out, any litter stuck to the paws will be trapped by the textured non slip lid. The litter will then fall back into the litter box.


  • Puppies can’t climb in easily
  • Puppies can’t climb in easily
  • Litter can’t be scattered outside the litter box
  • Spacious inside for easy turning and even sleeping


  • Climbing puppies will access the inside if not lifted high
  • Cleaning the litter box is manual

Scoop Free Original Automatic Cat Litter Box

This scoop free is the original automatic self-cleaning litter box.

The litter box cleans itself automatically without any supervision. You only need to plug it in and you are good to go. Your furry friends will be well taken care of.

The litter box will automatically detect that your cat has relieved herself, clean after her which makes access to the poo impossible to the canine friends.


  • Controls odor efficiently

  • Relatively affordable

  • Can be left for weeks without supervision


  • The litter box cleans after every 20 minutes

  • It’s not covered to keep off puppies from eating poop

Pet Safe Scoop Free Ultra Automatic

This ultra-automatic self-cleaning litter box is an improvement of the original scoop free one.

The main difference between these two litter boxes is that this scoop free ultra-litter box is covered on top to allow privacy.

This scoop free litter box works similarly to the original scoop free. However, it’s the only type that uses litter trays that are disposable. The use of disposable litter trays enhances odor control and you don’t have to come into contact with the poo.

The privacy hood gives your cat peace of mind as she goes on with her endeavors.

The rake timer is at 20 minutes. When the feline winds up her business, the rake will clear after 20 minutes. If she comes back before the 20 minutes elapse the sensor will adjust to another 20 minutes after she leaves the tray.

Dimensions: this litter box measures 7” high by 19” wide by 27.375”

Effective Ways to keep the dog out of the cat litter Box

Different dog sizes come with varying challenges in keeping them out of the cat’s litter box. Smaller dogs in particular present more challenges than adult dogs.

Small dogs can easily access a cat’s litter box due to their small size. However, this poses serious health risks especially for the dog if they feed on the cat’s poop.

Risks involved when your Dog eats Poop

Dogs are scavengers and will eat almost everything in their way including feces. It is common and not abnormal in any way.

However, they should be discouraged since there are risks involved. These risks are even higher for small dogs than it is for adult dogs.

Just like any other fecal material, cat poop contain a significant amount of disease causing germs like bacteria or parasites.

Apart from disease causing organisms in poop, ingestion of litter could cause blockages in your dog’s digestive system. Such blockages for instance in the intestines could be the cause of constipation. If you notice constipation in regular poop eaters, seek immediate vet intervention since they could be suffering from blockages.

Certain measures can be taken to make sure that your dog doesn’t keep on ingesting cat litter and poop;

  • Keep the litter box far from the dog’s reach
  • Make sure the litter box is far from the dog’s reach but your cat can access without hustle. Keeping adult dogs off your dog’s litter box and food is easier than the smaller kitten. You can use a door strap and latch to leave a small opening through a door where you keep the cat litter box and food.

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