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Cat Litter That Does Not Track Reviews

Cat Litter That Does Not Track Reviews

Cat litter isn't just a fun factor; it's also an important part of cat care. They can, however, be messy, requiring cat owners to clean constantly.

This is very inconvenient for pet owners. Pet owners should consider using a non-tracking cat litter. Using a cat litter that does not track increases your cat's health and reduces mess, saving you time cleaning.

Cat litter, which is important for keeping cats healthy, is also a product that most cat owners overlook while shopping for feeders, best cat treats, and cat insurance.

I'll explain why you shouldn't, as well as look at non-tracking litter and the best non-tracking cat litter options.

Why is cat litter tracking a problem?

If you're a pet owner but very busy in such how that cat litter that tracks become a challenge, and you've got to continue cleaning the litter that tracks this will cause a recurring problem for the wellbeing of your cat and you.

You may find yourself forgetting to concentrate on your cat's litter box if you're always busy cleaning your homestead. Additionally, litter that track can likely cause cross-contamination. a dirty litter box may be a matter of concern and inconvenience for subsequent reasons;

Messy litter can cause respiratory issues.

Although most pet owners don't consider litter that has been tracked around the house as a matter of concern, messy litters produce ammonia which causes respiratory distress, headache, and dangerous pneumonia cases. Having litter that tracks makes the production of ammonia urge out of control since its production is unnoticed.

Messy litter can cause parasite growth

Again, you'll keep a clean litter box, but cat litter that doesn't track makes it much easier. There would be less soiled litter in the building. Litter that isn't washed regularly can harbor parasites.

Toxoplasma, the most common parasite found in cat litter, is a much bigger problem for you than for your cat. This parasite causes symptoms in humans that range from flu-like symptoms (fever, pharyngitis, muscle stiffness) to cognitive disruption in those with weakened immune systems.

Urinary Disease is a risk for your cat if the litter box is a mess

A soiled litter box, as well as litter that trails all over the place, puts your cat at risk for a variety of urinary health problems and infections.

While tract infections aren't uncommon, left untreated, these can cause longer-term risks and even kidney failure–which is why it's so important to stay an eye fixed on your cat and take them for normal checkups. If your cat has a disease, be sure to educate yourself on the most basic cat remedies and supplements.

More Allergies May Be Caused by Cat Litter That Leaves Tracks

Allergies can considerably be a problem when you're handling messy cat litter. Even lightly soiled litter or litter around the home can cause a flare in allergies, especially in sensitive individuals. For a few cats, messy cat litter can cause mild respiratory issues or irritate pre-existing conditions, like cat asthma.

Cat Litter that Tracks Can Cause Resentment

Of all the concerns, this is often the mildest, but one reason you'll want to think about buying cat litter that doesn’t track has more to try to do with you and your cat’s lifestyle.

Constantly cleaning up after a dirty cat can make you see cat care as a chore rather than a pleasure over time. A messy atmosphere will cause resentment in both you and your cat if you find you're trailing behind.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Non-Tracing Cat Litter?

Before I tell you how to choose the simplest cat litter that doesn't monitor, you should know a few things. For starters, no cat litter, even the most basic, can prevent messes; some cats are notoriously messy, and you can end up with some slight residual tracking.

Another thing, even though your cat's litter box doesn't track anything, you do have to clean it regularly. And eventually, cat litter that doesn't track is often costlier and tends to be a clumping sort of cat litter.

Clumping litter is less messy, but it is usually not eco-friendly and can cause respiratory discomfort in cats with pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Of course, consulting a veterinarian before swapping cat litter is a smart practice.

How Do I Find the simplest Cat Litter that Doesn’t Track?

Finding the most basic cat litter that doesn't track can be difficult–not because there aren't any, but rather because there are so many cat litter choices that claim to be mess-free, easier to wash, or otherwise less likely to track. As a result, I've devised a set of parameters for locating the best of the best:

Clumping Litter

The primary criterion you look for would be litter that clumps and are naturally trackless. While mixing clumping and non-clumping litter is an easy idea, it's not the most practical, particularly if you want a litter that doesn't monitor. The most common source of clumping with liquid is a compound (most commonly bentonite)

.Materials Forms

Clay is a popular alternative for clumping litter, but wood and natural fibers are also viable alternatives for non-tracking litter.

Low Dust or Dust Free

With non-tracking litter, a priority I even have is with allergies, both for you and your cat. For this reason, the absolute best cat litter that doesn't track should even be labeled as no or low dust and hypoallergenic.

Particle Size

For the simplest non-tracking cat litter, how large the litter particles are is additionally important. That’s because the smaller it's, the better it's to trace around. Please search for a bigger size litter with some weight to it, keeping in mind that your cat's size can play a little factor in what proportion litter is tracked.

Bonus Features

Besides the important criteria above, I like to recommend finding a litter that somehow distinguishes itself. That would be odor control and being freed from dyes or fragrances for sensitive cats. With high customer ratings and a positive brand reputation, I always consider pluses also.

The Best Cat Litter That Doesn't Track

Without further ado, here's my pick for the easiest non-tracking cat litter available in 2020. These cat litter choices are not only non-trackable, but they are also a good overall value and a smart choice for keeping your home tidy.

Fresh Step Clean Paws Simply Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

This unscented clumping cat litter, which is officially graded as low tracking, is still one of my favorite non-tracking cat litter choices. Big particles and a dust-free clumping formula mean less mess, and it's widely available in stores like Petco and online retailers.

Although the unscented, dye-free solution is ideal for allergy sufferers, the cat litter also contains plant extracts for odor control, antimicrobial formula, and a fresh fragrance. This is a feature I prefer, particularly if you have many cats and like Febreze items.

Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Walnut Cat Litter

We are looking for a more natural cat litter that doesn't track? This is often one of your best picks. Fresh, by default, has a unique walnut clumping recipe, which is also more environmentally friendly than clay clumping litter.

Walnuts more naturally reduce odors without counting on other fragrances and are biodegradable. Dust and chemical-free, I also love that this cat litter is specifically designed to stay less to your cat's paws.

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

One deterrent for several cat owners looking to shop for cat litter that doesn't track is cost. While no cat litter is excessive, non-tracking cat litter can indeed add up in cost over time. If cost may be a concern, one option is Dr. Elsey’s, which is fairly priced at around three cents per ounce.

The unscented formula contains a solid, hard clumping clay that helps control moisture levels. Medium granules naturally result in minimal tracking, and I appreciate that it's built to work well with mechanical litter boxes.

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

One of the foremost popular and highly rated for non-tracking cat litter, Arm and Hammer provides an excellent option, especially for a household with quite one cat. It is a singular dust-free formula for extra allergen control sealant, provides extra protection.

The brand also promises up to a week's worth of odor control, with hard clumping for straightforward pack-up. While a more conventional and fewer natural formula than some competitors, this also offers a fresh classic scent and is overall an excellent value.

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

If you're not a clay cat litter lover and you'll also want to remain within budget, Purina is one of the simplest brands for non-tracking cat litter.

I'm pleased by the formula made of recycled paper and has a mostly dust-free guarantee for fewer allergies, at just four cents per ounce. Medium-sized particles reduce the number of tracks, and there are no odors to cause respiratory problems. Purina's litter, which is naturally deodorizing, is intended to reduce only the more common musty odors that cause problems.

World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats

While it's going to almost live up to its ambitious title of world’s best, this is often still a non-tracking cat litter I can drag. The clumping formula is made out of whole kernel corn, a suitable alternative to clay.

At once lighter weight and still low tracking, this cat litter may be a breeze to wash with little to no dust, regardless of how busy your day gets. Other pluses include fast clumping action and, therefore, the elimination of dyers and fragrances. As another bonus, it's also septic safe.

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty | Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

Rufus and Coco might not be a brand you’re as conversant in, but their non to low tracking cat litter formula isn't only highly-rated and offers an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream brands.

This formula, which replaces clay with biodegradable corn pellets, is not only septic-safe, but It can, however, be used for various purposes, including mulching if you have any leftover! Although the initial cost is higher than other litters, it can consume three to four times the sum of other formulations. It's also free of toxins and artificial dyes.

Feline Pine Original Unscented Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

There aren't many options for cat litter that doesn't track and is formed of wood, but I prefer this cat litter option from Feline Pine. The first formula is that the thanks to going, as it's unscented but still has many admirable features, including pine fibers especially equipped to soak up and reduce harmful ammonia.

Dust-free, without chemicals, preservatives, or dyes, this non-tracking cat litter is allergen-safe and provides a pleasantly fresh scent for one cat home.

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