How Often Should You Bathe Bulldogs?

Bulldogs could have wrinkled faces, but deep within they are gentle and fun to be around. Bulldogs also happen to be easy to train hence their popularity all over the world. Bulldogs are known to be excellent family pets due especially due to their ease in forming bonds with children. They are tender with children and will always be protective. Bulldogs have […]

Best Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

Just like any other family member, dogs too need to feel at home. Cultivating a bond with your furry baby helps alleviate many eventualities such as stress and aggression. Dog cameras, on the other hand, help achieve the maintenance of a relationship between you and your four-legged friend. These cameras have a myriad of features with a variety of functionalities that […]

Dog-napping: How to Find A Lost Dog Quickly

 “I just left him for two seconds” “He was at that post” “Went in to buy coffee and he disappeared.” These are the immediate reactions of a frightened pet owner after their pets have gone missing. Cases of pet theft are on the rise in the United States, and you should not wait until your dog goes missing to practice caution. Losing a pet […]

How To Stop Pet Accidents

As a pet parent, I remember one of my lowest moments was during a Christmas holiday when we were all in a celebratory mood. Little did we know Myles had sneaked outside our yard. We searched every corner of our house to no avail. She had a favorite pet friend down the street, and they had not met for a while. Probably […]

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