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High Calorie Cat Food For Sick Cat

High Calorie Cat Food For Sick Cat

Your sick furry friend requires food (and medication too) to recover fast. High-calorie food will help them gain muscle mass and much-needed immunity. High-calorie foods will revamp their energy and help in gaining weight. which then are the High calorie cat food for sick cat?

Kindly note that if you have a medical emergency; please consult your veterinarian first before resulting in online advice.

Learn How to Communicate With Your Cat

Cats have many attributes except portraying proper communication; they are the worst pretenders. Your cat can be sick while at the same time not show it. It requires the pet parent to be attentive to notice when everything isn’t okay with their pet.

Cats are secretive beings especially on matters pertaining their love life and wellbeing. Your cat might be experiencing acute diarrhea but hide it from. My cat had diarrhea and would always run outside to relieve themselves unlike using his litter box. One day I followed him only to discover he always digs a hole near the Roses and later covers it up.

It is therefore recommended to always observe your cat closely for changes in behavior to discover their challenges easily.

Behavior Change

In most instances, a sick cat will lose appetite, lose weight, or show physical symptoms of being unwell. The cat’s appetite might be normal but they could lose weight due to parasitic infections and other sorts of stomach conditions.

There are myriad sorts of food in the market out there. Choosing the right food for that kitty shouldn't be much of a hustle anymore. We will elaborate on what to look for when choosing the right food for your kitty when they are sick.

Meaty Flavor and Cats

Foods with chicken and rice are not only a favorite for cats they are also high-calorie foods. However, despite the urge to add flavors to the food, kindly avoid any seasonings since this can lead to more stomach upsets then already are. Stick to the natural meaty flavor.

Despite cats being choosy with what they eat, they like meaty flavors. There is no universal meal that suits all cats but their liking for chicken and other meat is conspicuous. Thus, any meaty meals including soup are appealing to your kitty especially for those with chewing problems or general mouth issues.

Best high-calorie food for sick cat

Foods with more Proteins than Starch

Since you are looking for high-calorie foods, opt for those with more calories from proteins than carbohydrates/starch.

Food rich in proteins will accelerate the building of your buddy’s immune system which is what we are looking for. Strong immunity will catapult the process of a quick recovery.

Cats are Carnivores

Cats are naturally carnivores although they will often eat most of what humans ingest. Hence, proteins are better placed in helping them regain their health. Again, when cats eat lots of starch their bodies have to convert it into stored fat for later use. Therefore, if you feed them fats or proteins, you lessen that fat conversion process which would rather delay the recovery process.

Soft Foods When the Kitty is suffering from Mouth Pains

If your cat has difficulty in chewing or even turning food inside the mouth, choose soft foods to ease their feeding. Soups such as a chicken soup can also be a perfect substitute so that they regain strength and recover quickly.

Canned high-calorie foods can also be a good choice for cats with mouth issues. Canned foods of paste-like nature will help your furry friend feed comfortably while accelerating recovery. However, some cats prefer firm foods. Choose firmer, soft foods for your cat.

Choose Quality Nutritious Protein Rich Foods for Older Cats

When your cat is both unwell and old, they require care twice as much. Choosing nutritious foods that enable fast digestion saves their body much stress from obtaining nutrients from the food they ingest.

Low-quality proteins such as meat by-products, pea protein, corn protein, become a burden to cats who are both unwell and elderly. They burden the body with the process of obtaining the proteins while they at the end derive little protein.

Hence, feed your elderly cat with highly nutritious protein sources that will nourish their struggling body systems easily and readily for quick recovery.

Kitten Food for Cats with Stomatitis

Kitten food is soft, nutritious, and high in calorie content. Kittens require high-calorie food when growing thus many kitten foods are good for ailing cats.

Kitten food is energy-dense since kittens require lots of energy with little intake of food. Therefore, cats suffering from painful stomach conditions such as stomatitis would be well fit by kitten foods.

High calorie for a sick cat food source

Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food

Iams ProActive Health Kitten

This food is processed by Iams, a pet food company. This dry cat food is energy-packed and suitable for kittens for healthy growth. The food is made of high-calorie protein food easily digestible by the soft and small kitten stomachs.

This food provides a caloric content of 3990 kcal per Kg of food. The main ingredients include chicken, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, ground whole grain corn, chicken by-products, ground whole grain sorghum, dry egg products, fish oil, among several other ingredients.

Reduce Possibility of Gum Disease

These kibbles are crunchy to enable gum rubs which goes a long way in reducing gum disease to your kitten. These ready to digest proteins enable quick muscle growth and strong immunity development. This food is also safe for pregnant and lactating cats.

This food is a balanced diet for cats that require high-calorie content for instance sick cats, lactating cats, pregnant cats, or young kittens that require little food with high nutrition value.


The food has ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and fish oil for fast brain and vision enhancement. You are assured that your kittens will grow faster while nursing cats will recover fast.

For a strengthened immunity system for your furry friends, the food is amino acids rich which ensures low vulnerability to diseases. When the immune system is weak, cats can be vulnerable to the weakest bacterial and microorganism attacks.

Heart Health Enhanced

The food also contains taurine which is an element that enhances good vision and boosts the health of the pet’s heart. Iams recommends the food to ailing, pregnant, and lactating cats. Kittens between 1 and 12 months are also recommended.

Purina Pro Plan Classic Adult True Nature Natural Turkey & Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

The main ingredients include Turkey, water for processing, liver, taurine, meat by-products, vitamin supplements, guar gum, among other ingredients.

The food provides a caloric content of 109 kcal for every 3 Oz package. The manufacturer advises that one should feed the cats as follows; for the 3 Oz can feed 1 can per every 3.5 pounds of body weight every day. For the 5.5 Oz can feed 1 can per every 7.5 pounds of body weight every day.


This food is tasty and enticing to cats due to the natural turkey and chicken taste. The type of food you don’t have to ‘beg’ your cat to eat. The food contains real chicken and turkey meat and has no grains of any kind. Common grains in cat food like corn, soy, or wheat are not included in this meal which gives more space for cat-friendly ingredients like meat. There are also no artificial flavors, colors, nor preservatives in the food.

This food is exceptional in the exclusion of unnecessary ingredients that do not entice cats' taste buds like grains, flavors, colors, and other additives.

Shiny Healthy Coat

Your cat will emerge healthy with a beautiful shiny coat due to the presence of significant amounts of Omega6 fatty acids.

The food offers a balanced diet with sufficient amounts of proteins which are a favorite for cats. Your cat will thrive with well-built lean muscle, energy, and strength.

The inclusion of antioxidants boosts your cat’s immunity to a whole new level hence fewer or no illnesses.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Indoor Care Turkey & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

The main ingredients include Turkey, Rice, Corn, soy, dried eggs, fish meal, wheat flour, and chicken meal. The food offers a caloric content of 4037 kcal for every kilogram of meal consumed.

It is recommended to feed your cats according to their weight. For cats between 5 to 9 pounds, feed them a third to half a cup for every cat. For cats between 10 to 14 pounds, give them two-thirds to one cup of the food for every cat.

For Indoor Cats

This food is well suited for your indoor cat. It has sufficient amounts of turkey and rice for your cat to flourish. This food contains enough proteins to help your furry buddy maintain a healthy weight

With as much as 40% of protein, the food will help your cat thrive. Note that the biggest part of the proteins is from turkey meat as the biggest ingredient.

Enough Fiber

This food also suits cats of all ages and sizes. The food has everything required for the growth and wellbeing of your cat. The presence of a sufficient amount of fiber also allows your cat’s stomach function optimally and pass stool as required.

It’s rare to find such a huge percentage of food being made up of real meat. This food has a significant percentage of turkey which makes up the largest ingredient. Your cat will derive lots of stamina and energy from the powerful antioxidants and protein supplements in the food.

High Quality Protein

The high protein value also goes a long way in controlling hairballs as well as in maintaining a healthy weight. As a result, the coat is attractive and healthy.

The Taurine ingredient helps in enhancing sharp vision while the Omega 6 acids will enhance skin health. The meal is recommended for ailing and adult cats for energy and general wellbeing.

Since its dry food, take precaution by storing it in a dry, cool place away from moisture.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate Canned Cat Food

The main ingredients include Chicken, Turkey, chicken liver, turkey liver, potatoes, flaxseed, and cranberries. The food offers a caloric content of 116 kcal for every 3 Oz can.

The food is best served at room temperature. Always cover and refrigerate the unused portion. The food is also best served besides clean fresh water to drink since it’s dry and hence makes cats thirsty while eating.

Feeding Instructions

Feed adult cats 2, 3 Oz cans for every 8 pounds of body weight every day. Feed adult cats 1, 5 Oz can for every 8 pounds of body weight every day. Kittens should be fed up to twice the adult amounts prescribed above. Lactating mothers should take up to three times the amount prescribed to other adults.


Your cat will derive essential nutrients from the chicken and turkey meat is the main ingredient. The food as no grain ingredients hence giving room for more meat and essential supplements. These nutrients help your cat develop strong muscles and build their immunity to fight against infections. The flaxseed and salmon oils help to develop an attractive coat and skin.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Chicken Pate Canned Cat Food

The main ingredients are chicken liver, chicken broth, locust bean gum, chicken, guar gum, flaxseed, taurine, xanthan gum, salmon oil, and vitamin supplements. The caloric content in context is 1132 kcal per every kilogram of food intake for the 3 Oz can and 177 kcal for every 5.5 Oz can.

Feeding Instructions

Feed adult cats with 2 cans for every 6.5 pounds of body weight every day for the 3 Oz can. For the 5.5 Oz can, feed adults 1 can for every 5.5 pounds of body weight every day. Kittens should be fed up to 2 times the amount prescribed for the adults. Lactating, nursing, and pregnant adults should feed up to 3 times the amount prescribed for the adults.

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Game Bird Recipe with Chicken, Duck & Quail Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

The main ingredients include deboned chicken, turkey, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken fat, chicken liver, deboned quail, deboned duck, and salmon meal. The food offers a caloric content of 3588 kcal for every kilogram of food consumed.

Feeding amounts depend on body weight. Give 0.25 to 0.5 of a cup for every 7 pounds of body weight. Feed 0.5 to 0.75 of food for every 10 pounds of body weight. Measure 2/3 to 1 cup of food for every 15 pounds of body weight.

No Additives

This kibble has no additions such as grains to keep meat proteins at the optimum. Cats love meat for a meal. The nutrition value rises due to the use of real poultry meat such as duck and quails. The poultry meat is great at taste and nutrition value.

The mixture of veggies rich in proteins and antioxidants provides a balanced diet for natural feeding just like in the wild. Taurine, omega, and vitamins leave your furry friend's skin healthy and attractive.

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High calorie cat food for sick cat

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