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How Long Does Cat Litter Last?

How Long Does Cat Litter Last?

Just like your bedsheets, cat litter requires regular changing to keep it useful and for your cat's utmost health. How long then does it last before being changed?

Cat litter can be made from various materials, including silica gel, sand, sawdust, and many others. There are also homemade litter options like baking soda, newspaper waste, chicken feed, cedar shavings, etc.

The various materials that make cat litter come with varying efficiencies and prices too. For instance, the most expensive cat litter is made from silica gel, while litter made from clay is among the cheapest in the market today.

These litter materials have varying abilities of retention and absorption strength. However, it is recommended that litter is changed twice every week to keep the litter boxes fresh.

How cat litter serves effectively?

Cat litter can serve you for years, provided regular scooping occurs. The litter box litter scooping requires at least twice every week.

The longevity of your litter depends on the material used. Litter that forms clumps would serve you for a shorter time than the one that doesn't clump. For instance, Clay-based litter can form clumps and would hence serve you for a shorter time compared to sand or silica, which can rarely clump together when it comes across pee.

There are different types of litter boxes, automatic and manual scooping included. Automatic litter boxes will scoop in a scheduled manner or every time your cat uses the litter box. Others are even controlled via a phone app remotely. However, other manual litter boxes require manual and regular scooping.

What is cat litter suitable for?

Cat litter is an integral part when living with your cat. You can't imagine finding cat poop all over the house, including on your white couch.

Litter boxes also need cat litter since the poop would otherwise stick on the box, making it difficult to clean. Cat litter also plays an essential role in reducing the odor, making it comfortable for us to live with our feline friends.

People have also utilized the litter for other uses besides in the litter box.

Some litter types absorb water effectively and have been used in that effect, for instance, in the trash to reduce odor and moisture.

Cat Litter is also an effective refrigerator deodorizer.

Cat Litter Alternatives (Homemade Cat Litter)

You do not always have to buy expensive cat litter. There are alternatives made from home available materials that you have been wasting away all this time.

Paper Waste Cat Litter

After shredding those papers, you don’t have to burn them. They can make great litter for your litter box and subsequently give you a break from acquiring commercial cat litter.

Paper litter is also handy and recommended for cats that have undergone surgery. The paper litter is practical since it can’t contaminate the stitches.

Unlike other litter types, paper litter does not have dust, which affects cats with an eye, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), or respiratory difficulties.

Wood Shavings Cat Litter

Wood shavings cat litter is an excellent alternative litter material. Wood is a warmth ready material and is smooth to make your cat comfortable you could find your cat sleeping in his litter box a lot.

Kindly note that if the material you use in the litter box isn't comfortable for your cat, it could stop using the litter box, which means poop all over the house.

If you do some woodwork around your house, you can have a litter-buying holiday once in a while using wood shavings as cat litter.

The best part is that the shavings are biodegradable and hence friendly to the environment. After scooping the litter from the litter box, you can dump it in your garden to make manure for the crops.

The wood shavings also absorb tremendous amounts of liquid-like cat pee, leaving the litter box dry.

However, practice caution since some wood varieties could be toxic to your cat.

A mixture of baking soda, chicken feed, and cedar shavings

Mixing equal amounts of baking soda, chicken feed, and cedar shavings make cat litter effective in absorbing both the poop and pee.

Stay woke, however, since this sort of litter will attract rodents and pests in their numbers.

It is an effective absorbent, biodegradable, inexpensive alternative to the usual commercial cat litter.

Sand as Cat Litter

Sand litter is an excellent alternative to commercial cat litter. Cats love playing in the sand and will love this idea.

Sand has a good texture and will rarely clump unless mixed with a significant amount of loam or clay soil. Sand will not hold urine nor its odor making it an excellent litter alternative.

For more effective odor control, add an equal amount of baking soda.

Factors to consider

Determining how long your litter will last depends on several factors, including the ratio of cats to litter boxes, type of litter, litter box, litter scooping routine.

For instance, if you have a litter box for every cat, you can change the litter weekly or even every fortnight having to scoop it twice every week.

Consequently, if you have a 3-pound litter box for every cat, a 20-pound bag would, therefore, last between seven to eight weeks.

How often should you change out all the kitty litter?

If you have clay litter, scooping the litter daily is recommended, and then changing the litter every week or two weeks depending on the clumping.

Sand and silica gel endure a more prolonged time provided the scooping is done daily, and the clumping s checked every week. Silica gel and sand rarely clump, which makes them ideal for the long term.

How do you make cat litter last longer?

Cat litter can last longer if it is correctly applied. These routine exercises help cat litter last longer.

  • Cleaning the litter box routinely prevents clumping, which makes litter last longer.
  • Controlling the odor using deodorizers such as baking soda makes it possible to reuse un-clumped litter.
  • Keep the litter box and litter away from humidity other than cat pee during use.
  • Scoop the litter box daily to keep the poop and clumps away.

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