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How Often Should You Bathe Bulldogs?

How Often Should You Bathe Bulldogs?

Bulldogs could have wrinkled faces, but deep within they are gentle and fun to be around. Bulldogs also happen to be easy to train hence their popularity all over the world.

Bulldogs are known to be excellent family pets due especially due to their ease in forming bonds with children. They are tender with children and will always be protective.

Bulldogs have been human-friendly since time immemorial. This relationship can be traced back even to the 17th century in England where they were extensively used in sports.


Just like humans, bulldogs require regular grooming and bathing. Depending on their lifestyle, the frequency can range between once every week to once every six weeks. However, regular bathing and grooming are recommended for a healthy and flawless coat especially for the light-skinned breed.

To properly bathe your bulldog, start by skimming through your pet's entire body using a dryer. This ensures that any loose coat comes out while ensuring the coat loosens for easy cleaning.

The facial area requires emphasis while bathing your bulldog. Ensure to use your favorite facial cleanser with emphasis on the facial surface and wrinkles. The wrinkles could hold bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

How often?

It is important to note that bulldogs require regular grooming and bathing for their comfort and yours too. Bulldogs, however, aren’t as active as other breeds and will most of the time be indoors. Being frequently indoors means that they will need limited cleaning.

It is also prudent to note that excessive bathing and grooming of your furry friend could also be harmful. When your bulldog’s skin is disturbed too often, it could turn rough and dry. Rough and dry skin would even crack hence becoming itchy and uncomfortable. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be the excuse not to clean your pooch when they are muddy or with a foul odor.

Benefits of Regular Grooming

  • Control shedding - Despite their short hair bulldogs also shed their hair regularly. Regular grooming will then help you get rid of the excess hair before it falls off naturally on your carpet and other unwanted areas around the house. You can also utilize the use of a furminator to get rid of loose hair instead of the normal brushes for more effectiveness.
  • Infection prevention – Prevention will always be better than cure. Regular cleaning and grooming of your four-legged friend will keep them far from infections caused by bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Infection prevention will, therefore, save you from many visits to a vet to treat preventable diseases.
  • Comfort – A healthy bulldog will always feel loved and at home. He will always be wagging his tail as if to say ‘thank you buddy’. A happy bulldog equates to a happy pet parent.
  • Healthy appearance – a healthy bulldog signifies that the pet parent is responsible enough. Regular grooming will make your dog look attractive and would easily pass for a sale if that would be your option.


How to properly bathe your Bulldog

Common sense is not common to everyone, thus let’s check out some basics and recommendations for bathing your canine friend as efficiently as possible.

  • Grooming table – using a grooming table is advisable for many reasons. You can improvise or buy a grooming table. A grooming table enables you to reach every part of the body with ease. It also helps in keeping your dog steady without fidgeting.
  • Thorough bathing – bathe your pooch at least once in a week and at most once every six weeks. Bathing him daily would be harmful to his coat so please keep it at a reasonable routine or whenever they develop an odor or get dirty.
  • Avoid any excesses – an overemphasis of anything is harmful. For instance, do not use too much shampoo which might make the skin dry hence irritating. Dry skin would cause irritation and scratching and hence cracked skin with sores.
  • Wipe the ears and face – wiping the ears and face using pet wipes will alleviate any health hazards. This will also remove any excess wax that builds up in the ears.
  • Nail trimming – long nails are dangerous for both the pet and its environment. He could harm himself or other pets and children nearby. Breaking a nail could be painful for a pet thus they should be regularly clipped.
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth – brush teeth regularly to prevent decay and infections. Your furry friend could also have foul breath hence unbearable around people.

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