Cat Litter That Does Not Track Reviews

Cat litter isn’t just a fun factor; it’s also an important part of cat care. They can, however, be messy, requiring cat owners to clean constantly. This is very inconvenient for pet owners. Pet owners should consider using a non-tracking cat litter. Using a cat litter that does not track increases your cat’s health and reduces mess, saving you time cleaning. Cat […]

Litter Box For Arthritic Cat

If your cat starts being gloomy and less active, they might be ill. She might also start moving slowly due to inflammation and joint pains. If she is having these difficulties then she might be suffering from arthritis. She, therefore, needs a litter box that’s suited for them in that condition. One that they can access easily without strain. We will […]

How Long Does Cat Litter Last?

Just like your bedsheets, cat litter requires regular changing to keep it useful and for your cat’s utmost health. How long then does it last before being changed? Cat litter can be made from various materials, including silica gel, sand, sawdust, and many others. There are also homemade litter options like baking soda, newspaper waste, chicken feed, cedar shavings, etc. The various […]

Why Is My Cat Sleeping In His Litter Box?

Why is my cat sleeping in his litter box?Why is my cat sleeping in his litter box? When your cat sleeps in their litter box, there could be a serious problem you need to decode fast, or maybe they could just be chilling out. Kittens spending too much time in the litter box is normal but if your adult cats develop […]

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