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What To Do With A Dead Cat At Home

What To Do With A Dead Cat At Home

Wondering what to do with a dead cat at home? We care about your pet as much as you do. We perused through every important detail about the best care for your pet and did a short write-up below to give you sound advice.

That fluffy and hairy friend needs to feel at home as much as every other member of your family. You can achieve making him feel at home as much as you need with a little effort. Making your pet feel at home need not be a tedious effort nor does it need to be expensive.

Ranging from pet care during pregnancy, while the pet is giving birth, best care for the young one and its mother, diagnosing a stressed pet, to the best practice of the unfortunate situation when the pet passes on.


Our expertise is in the automation of your pet’s wellbeing. We endeavor to advise you on the best practices and ensure that nothing goes wrong while at it.

Our goal is to help you do it yourself while we also recommend the best professionals in the field in case of serious medical conditions.

We have sampled cats behavior as a representative of pets besides them being our favorite pets.

4 Common Signs Your Cat Is Dying

A cat is a man's best friend but unfortunately, they are also mortal beings. A beloved pet could be taken away from us by an accident, illness or natural age-related deaths. Seeing them die could be emotional and noticing signs before they die can help you prepare psychologically or better still save their life. Signs that your dog or cat is about to die could include:

  • Acute Pain

A cat has phases towards death which is a process, especially for the natural or ailment related deaths. The process could begin even weeks or months before the actual death for example for a terminal illness. Pain is a sign that your dog is nearer to resting forever. Pain can be accompanied by difficulty in breathing and restlessness. You can help the dog by consulting a vet for pain-relieving medications.

  • Lethargic Actions

This is not an indication that your cat will automatically die but is part of the dying process but your dog could be salvaged in swift action. Lethargic reactions include decreased activity like the dog stops grooming, greeting its owner and sleeping most of the time.

  • Reduced Appetite

The cat could reduce feeding and intake of water which worsens the situation. You can help by ensuring food and water are always available nearby since even its mobility is usually low. You can also consult your vet especially if it’s already under medication.

  • Reduced Social Interaction

Your cat begins avoiding interaction with previously favorites. The dog could also be easily irritable to playfulness. It’s advisable to keep other pets and your children away from the pet to give it space. Allow the dog enjoy its quiet time in solitude.

What to Do When Your Cat Dies

Double-check to ascertain the pet is dead. You can feel if there is a heartbeat or a pulse or better still contact a qualified vet. It’s upsetting to lose a pet as close as a family member. However, you need to have these tips up your sleeves to deal with the situation. It could be advisable to deal with the carcass disposal before it begins decomposition. Remember to wear gloves all through.

  • You can contact a professional company that deals with such remains disposal. Professionals can handle the disposal hence relieving the obligations from your shoulders.
  • You must disinfect the area to stop the spread of germs. Clean the area thoroughly with disinfectants to kill disease-causing bacteria spread to other pets and humans. Dead cats can discharge bodily fluids which have germs and disinfecting the area is recommended. Professionals can be very instrumental in the cleaning process if you can’t do it yourself.
  • Cat Cremation- if you wish to memorialize your dog, crematoriums return the remains in ashes. Some prefer keeping the ashes in urns while others would scatter them in their favorite walks. Cremation could cost a little more than normal burial but preference wins.
  • Home Burial- First check with local laws. In the UK for instance, it’s against the law to bury in rented or public places. It should also be away from water sources and direct intake food such as groceries. This is the cheapest and fastest disposal option for the remains. You can dig out a fairly deep grave for the final resting of the remains. Be cautious to take as far as possible from your dwellings and other inhabitants of your family.

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate a Cat?

The price of cremating of a cat depends on your location and several other factors such as the size or weight of the dog. We have traversed across borders to give you the latest price offers to give your canine friend a decent send-off. We discovered that different crematoriums offer further creative options like a memorial tree and the normal urns too. Below are our findings:

United States, US

Cremations of pets in the US depends on individual crematoriums and services offered. Communal crematoriums are relatively less expensive than individual functions. Communal cremations involve collective functions especially for families that do not require the ashes back. Individual cremations, however, involve a single function at a time and the owners could be in attendance or require the ashes to be sent back to them by the crematorium.

For a small cat, prices start at $140 to $350 for huge dogs across most crematoriums across the country. Services such as paw imprint, paw tattoos, necklaces, and urns for the ashes are offered at the crematoriums at affordable prices depending on your preferences.

United Kingdom, UK

Various crematoriums vary in price and services offered. The family can also choose whether to attend the ceremony. Prices vary as per weight description of the cat. Masses below 10 kilograms cost from £65 while weights above 50 kilograms cost up to £300. The crematoriums also offer to collect the remains from your home for £50 and above depending on the distance from its location.

Prices on holidays and weekends elevate by over £25 for every cat cremated. An urn goes for £15 and above for the majority of the crematoriums depending on its size. You can also have a paw imprint from your dog for only £20 to £200 on average from crematoriums in the UK depending on the material used for the imprint. The ashes will then be sent back to you via mail delivery at the usual cost charged for these deliveries.

5 Tips How to bury a Cat?

  1. Home burial for your departed Cat is the cheapest option. However, check with local laws since some locations do not allow such burial in cities or rented places.
  2. The remains should be wrapped in biodegradable materials like a wooden casket or a blanket. Avoid plastic materials which would not decompose fast.
  3. Dig the grave at least three feet deep. This allows for faster decomposition and less interaction with the environment.
  4. Choose a location away from water reservoirs and sources. Underground water sources and reservoirs would be contaminated if in contact. The location should also be away from other pets and children who can excavate.
  5. You can place a mark or grow a tree/rose to commemorate your departed pet. This also ensures that the position can’t be accidentally dug up or eroded.


I Miss My Cat; A Guide to Dealing with the Grief | cat dog Lost or Dead?

  1. A pet has always been man’s best friend. If he went missing you should look into possibilities of finding him. If he died in your watch you are better placed since the lost one is a mystery, we don’t know if they are suffering or worse dead.
  2. When your furry friend dies, no one else understands your grief more than you do. However, dealing with the grief heals your soul.
  3. First, accept that your beloved pet is gone forever to the land of no return. Dwelling on the thoughts that he might come back or entertaining the thoughts that he might be the only one you love.
  4. Find another pet or confidant close to you. Don’t be lonely since this could lead you to depression. Look for another pet or be friends to someone who understands and would help you overcome the grief.
  5. You can memorialize your cat by planting a tree on its grave, getting a paw imprint necklace, getting a paw inked tattoo which gives the impression they are around you forever.
  6. In extreme cases of depression and PTSD due to the loss, we recommend that you see a professional such as a psychologist who will walk you through the grief. Mourning a pet is normal since they are equal members of the family. Professional help is the best bet on fast recovery especially for loners with no confidants to grief with.
  7. Note that grief is a natural phenomenon and should not be avoided. Mourning is part of the recovery process and should go the full length for better results with dealing with grief. Avoidance of mourning can haunt later with grievous repercussions.

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