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Wireless Dog Fence For Pitbull

Wireless Dog Fence For Pitbull

Has your Pitbull ever gone missing for hours and you are left worried about his safety? Or your cat secretly sneaks out of sight? It's a terrible experience I would not wish on my worst enemy. On one Sunday afternoon, Bree went missing and I didn't notice until feeding time was due. For the best wireless dog fence for pitbulls, let's right in.

A chill went down my spine. Could he have gone down the alley towards the highway? The next two hours were intense as the whole family combed the neighborhood. Luckily, my dog was found safe and sound in the company of my neighbor’s dog in their compound.

Finding a solution

This occurrence left me wondering if there could be a solution to tame my dog from wandering off. Fair enough I found out there are a variety of solutions to keep your cat or dog in control within your compound however extensive or small it could be. Therefore, I engaged in a mission to determine what the market offers in this regard.

I found out that wireless fences are top on the list and spent hundreds of hours combing through the market and managed to come up with the following buyer’s guide that clarifies your options in detail. Our recommendations are independent and include the editor's top pick, best buy on a budget, and differentiate between electric and wireless dog fences.

Wireless versus Electric

The criteria for ranking the pet wireless fences for their worth to their prices include The ease of installation, the reviews from first-hand users, the maximum area covered, the limitation on the number of pets served, customer service efficiency, and any standout features that rivals can't match.

The difference between electric and wireless dog fences is that the former includes the installation of wire either below or above the ground while the latter has no wire installation.


The wireless dog fences are therefore easier to install than the electric ones since the latter requires running the cables around the perimeter one needs to limit the pets.

However, the electric types are applicable almost everywhere and can take an unlimited number of pets while the wireless types are not applicable in steep gradient, places with metallic erections, and places with barriers such as trees.


The editors highly recommend the wireless dog fences for small-sized yards and flat in gradient. The electric dog fences are applicable in most places especially in uneven grounds, places with barriers including trees and metallic erections.

Note that all these fences are user-friendly and come with an installation guide that helps you do it yourself.

Wireless Dog Fence for Pitbull

 Editor’s Top Pick: Extreme Dog Fence 

The Extreme Dog Fence beats the rest for a myriad of considerations. The fence is electric and requires the installation of cables all around the boundary perimeter where you need your dog contained.

The cables running around the perimeter give a fair distribution of signals hence the effectiveness in controlling your beloved pet. The wireless types give mixed signals and could fail sometimes depending on signal strength fluctuations.


  • The Extreme Dog Fence is easy to install by running the cables and training your furry friend.
  • After the initial purchase, one can add more fences to cover up to 25 acres of land and subsequently more dog collars for more pets.
  • The manufacturer is American hence customer care and support is guaranteed 7 days a week even physically if need be.
  • The dog collar is water submersible and hence all weather.
  • The containment system comes with 1 year’s warranty for the electronics and 2 years for the cables.
  • Comes in five varieties to choose from.
  • Excellent signal distribution and hence effective.


  • Tedious to install unlike the wireless types
  • Relatively expensive

 Editor’s Top Wireless Fence Pick: PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

Wireless dog fences are a revolutionary technology that helps us keep our pets safe around the compound. However, it’s important to note that the fence can’t stop intruders like other animals that might hurt your hairy friend.

This dog fence is easy to install since it does not include any running of cables. The system includes a signal transmitter and dog collars which communicate wirelessly to give the desired results.

The signal transmitter is centrally placed to make the desired perimeter where the dogs aren’t supposed to trespass. The transmission of the signal, however, can be interfered by erected metallic rails, uneven ground, or even barriers like buildings and moving vehicles.

The wireless fence is, therefore, most appropriate in small containment areas without barriers. The interference with the signals can confuse the pet with wrong corrections.

How it Works

The Petsafe wireless dog fence comes with the signal transmitter, dog collars, and flags. The transmitter communicates with the dog collars remotely to correct the dog when he comes close to passing the boundary.

The flags are instrumental in the training stage where they act as a reminder for the boundary alongside with a beep or static correction. The transmitter also offers adjustable boundary extension options.

The beep and static correction are safe for your furry friends against the assumption by some people.


  • Easy installation procedure in under 2 hours.
  • Can control multiple pets concurrently.
  • Relatively cheaper than electric fences.
  • Fully portable and easy to move with.
  • Training manual included for DIY.


  • Can’t work well in uneven grounds and with barriers like trees.
  • Can’t handle large tracks of land like the electric options.
  • Barriers like metal rails and moving vehicles deflect signals leading to malfunctions.

 Best Budget Pick: Sit Boo Boo Dog Fence

Many pet parents work with a budget but the product should meet the obligations meant to be satisfied. The Sit Boo-Boo fence will give a low price but its efficiency is unmatched in that price bracket even with others pricier than it.

This fence comes with a range of useful features while demanding a little over $100 in price. Our budget pick dog fence comes with insulated copper wire, unlike even our top two best picks.

This system is an electric fence which unlike wireless options available in the market can be installed almost everywhere. The boundary cables can be fitted to an existent fence or boundary, buried underground, or even pinned on the ground with staples.

Unlike the wireless options that can only create a circular boundary, this option can create multiple zones even with one end open for exit from the containment. The installation of the system is easy and user-friendly.

One transmitter can be extended to covering up to 5 acres by purchasing additional cables and additional collars for more dogs as need be. The system also comes with a 1-year warranty. The system also has 5 levels of correction for different levels of training and depending on the size of the pet.

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